A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.

Yes it was the former American president John F Kennedy that made this statement and those who desire to be great in their lives should study and understand the meaning of this statement,

Not only understand it but you should truly live by this statement if you really desire to be great.


Let’s break this quote down.


We are all by the natural law destined to die whether we like it or not for my case am not so concerned about my death because I prepare for it every morning. I am just hoping that by the time yours or my death bed is laid and our bodies start to rot as our souls dance with the winds in the earth where the ones that are still living cannot see or hear us but only miss us. I really hope that by this time we have set our goals and have managed to achieve each one of them.

To put it simply we are going to die some day. Are we prepared for it?  I would actually like to change this statement to A MAN WILL DIE. Just for now.


                How many have we seen in the past decade or so great become small and small become great, Nations like China, United states of America, Cuba, Egypt, Libya, Rwanda, Uganda and so many others, rise and fall for one reason or another. Mainly because of men who are trying to be great.

None the less for as long as the human species still exists on this earth, the rise and fall of nations shall not cease. To rise and fall is to change a nation sometimes for the good of the people of that nation and at other times for the worse,and in most occasions fatalities will occur, so R.I.P to the souls that were and are to be lost in these straggles both soldiers and civilians.


    Wow emotional is it not. This is my favorite part of this statement it just lifts me off the ground and into the air way above the sky and leaves me feeling that everything on this earth is a part of me and I a part of it all,and this could go on forever and ever. I just want to go out there and do everything that I can to the best of my ability for If I am called by the Gods this very moment the IDEAS that I have searched for dearly IDEAS that I will die for, stay on this earth and help thousands of people to live better lives to GIVE more to CARE more and most importantly to LOVE more.


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