MOTIVATION IS LIKE BRUSHING TOUR TEETH If you don’t brush in the morning your breath smells by evening.

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I think we should start off with the dictionary definition of what,

  • the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.
  • the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

It is very important to stay motivated in life as this gets us to where  we want to be, but there will always be moments in life wife when we feel a bit down so I have made a list of 9 things that will help you get back up when feeling a bit down;


1. Move the goalposts. 

Set a large and specific goal. This will motivate you much more than small goals. A big goal has a big effect and can create a lot of motivation.

2. Gratitude.

For the bible says:

Thessalonians 5:18
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Hebrews 12:28 says
Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, 
and In the Qur’an, Allah says about being thankful,

And In the Quran Allah says,

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe’.” (14:7)

Allah has given a promise that, if we are thankful to Him for His blessings, He will certainly give us more. Yet, if we were to be ungrateful, Allah does not say outright that He will give us a punishment; rather He leaves it open as if to remind us that, ‘look, My Punishment is severe – that is all you need to know so start becoming thankful for your own benefit.’

I am not overly religious but I have practiced being grateful every morning and trust me it really works. Gratefulness is a very crucial part of staying motivated. Knowing that you are doing the things you wish to do can push you forward more than any other variable.

  • Take time to sit back, be grateful and admire what you’ve done. Seeing how far you’ve come gives you a sense of purpose.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to take credit in what you’ve done. You know you’ve worked hard, and getting praise from other people can strengthen your resolve in pushing on.
3. Do something small and create a flow. 
Just clean your desk. Or pay your bills. Or wash the dishes. You just need to get started. When you have finished that small task you’ll feel more alert and ready to go do the next thing. You just to get started to get motivated. So if you really don’t feel like doing anything, start with something small and work your way out up.
4. Compare yourself with yourself. Not with others. 
Comparing what you have and your results to what other people have and have accomplished can really kill your motivation. There are always people ahead of you. Most likely quite a bit of people. And a few of them are miles ahead. So focus on you. On your results. And how you can and have improved them.
Reviewing your results is important so you see where you have gone wrong in the past to avoid similar missteps further on. But it’s also important because it’s a great motivator to see how much you have improved and how far you have come. Often you can be pleasantly surprised when you do such a review.
6. Remember your successes. 
And let them flow through your mind instead of your failures. Write down your successes. Consider using a journal of some kind since it’s easy to forget your successes.
7. Think outside your box. 
Don’t imagine the future from the box of what you have now. Just because your mind is in box of previous experiences doesn’t mean thats the limits of the world. Your possibilities are much larger. Create the future from the now and from nothing rather than your past to experience bigger changes with fewer limitations than you would if you created it from what you can see from your box
8. Make each day count. We don’t have all the time in the world. So focus on today and do the things you really want to do.
9. Happiness

In the end, happiness is one of the greatest motivations to achieve.  Happiness fuels ones self-esteem and gives people hope for a better tomorrow.   We are all victims of taking our work too seriously.   Step back and enjoy the journey.  Your motivation to achieve is ultimately based on earning a living that brings you tremendous joy and satisfaction. Smile, it helps a lot to smile even when your at small children,smile at strangers, smile at your wife, your kids, your father at anyone who offers you any service smiling is the first step to happiness Smile all the way to heaven and when you God put on avery big smile.

Ps; Reading this article every morning for Six months will make You archive more than what you expected in life and if it does not I will give $100 : ).



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Let’s first of all look at the dictionary definition of going the extra mile.
To try harder to please someone or to get the task done correctly; to do more than one is required to do to reach a goal.
If you are a bright person and you read the definition above it should be just enough to make you understand why the title of this post is 100% correct and am sure you do not need to continue reading this post but there is more that needs to be discussed on this topic give me the chance to elaborate.

Nothing will and I repeat nothing will rip rewards for your in business or please your boss like going the extra mile. Promotions are earned this way, profits are made the same way, politicians win election by going the extra mile, and when it come to making love uhhh love  uhhhmmm yeaaah love, go the extra mile for your other half while you make love and see what she will do for you in return. “I hope my mother is not reading this”.
Give one and you will get 100 back, what do I mean by this statement? For every ounce of energy you give you will receive 100 times in return. And remember it works both ways go out and rob from people and you will lose a hundred times that which you have robbed.
Positive mental attitude. You will need a good attitude as you go the extra mile going the extra mile in telling lies about your boss will get you nowhere in fact you are most likely to get yourself fired so remember go the extra mile but only with a positive mental attitude.
The story of the man that went the extra mile and his Boss.
Mr. Schwab first came to Mr.Carnegie’s attention when he was working as a labourer in one of the steel master’s plants. Close observation revealed that Mr. Schwab always performed more and better service than that for which he was paid. Moreover, he performed it with a pleasing mental attitude, which made him popular among his fellow workers. He was promoted from one job to another until at long last in 1901 he was made president of the great United States Steel Corporation at a salary of $75,000 a year.
Not through all the ingenuity of man, or all the schemes that men resort to in order to get something for nothing, could Charles M Schwab, the day labourer, have earned as much as $75,000 during his entire lifetime if he had not willingly adopted and followed the habit of going the extra mile.
On some occasions Mr.Carnegie not only paid Mr.Schwab’s salary, which was generous enough, but he gave him as much as $1,000,000 as a bonus in addition to his regular salary. When Mr. Carnegie was asked why he gave Mr.Schwab a bonus so much greater than his salary, he replied in words that every worker, regardless of his job or wages, might well ponder. “I gave him his salary for the work he actually performed”, said Mr. Carnegie, “and the bonus for his willingness to go the extra mile”, thus setting a fine example to his fellow workers”.

The rich and most successful of us mortals do it all the time that’s why they become successful and wealthy, so if you really want to be as successful as Bill Gates, Jesus, Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey or Celine Dionne and many more others. Then you better start the practice of going the extra mile right now.

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I love this blog by Andreas Kluth and he is absolutely right.This also works for business you must move slowly so thing are taken care of love it nice work Andreas.

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Here is how I know that: I write for The Economist, and most of our articles are short. I’ve opined on the subject of optimal length in writing before, but in this context, let’s just say that it is the shortening that takes all of the time.

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Becoming rich rich rich is easy easy easy.

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We all want to be wealthy go on holiday whenever we feel like and treat our families to whatever they want and when they want.So today we are going to look at ways how can get you into this position.

But before we go any further let me go ahead introduce myself to you.My name is Johnathan and I ran a family restaurant not the biggest in the world but from it I have learned the ways in which many can be made and its because of this business I started to read books on how to become successful and I have gained so much knowledge and insight and one of the ways for to get rich is sharing your wealth so i decided that the I will share my knowledge with you.And it feels good too to know that someone else benefits from what I have learned.

Well that’s enough about me. Today I would like to give you three simple ways on how you should start your journey to gaining wealth and building a fortune.

1 Creating your world by creating a Dream

Think of  a dream or an idea anything that you want in life something you will enjoy doing. Then you make a plan on how to archive this dream.   Then go and get it! Go on your adventure and take your dreams and move towards action.NOTE: once you have the dream in your head and you have written it down the how to make it happen will start to manifest its self in your head just listen deeply to those voices in your subconscious.

2 Stick with it in good  and hard times

This is the most important part to becoming wealthy you have to know how to go through the harsh times they either make you or break you.and the other thing is that opportunity is always one stop just before we quit don’t ever quit unless your are certain there are no solution but always look for ways in which you can solve the problem that you are facing.

3 Don’t stress yourself out too much

The thing about life is that it doesn’t matter so much where you are, it matters where you are going. Once you have made the choice to take control back of your life by building up your net worth, don’t give a second thought to the “what ifs”. Every moment that goes by, you are growing closer and closer to your ultimate dream- control and freedom. Every dollar that passes through your hands is a seed to your financial future. Rest assured, if you are diligent and responsible, financial prosperity is an inevitability. The day will come when you make your last payment on your car, your house, or whatever else it is you owe.

Have the belief in yourself  and until my next post good luck.

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