I was once told by a wise man that,” when your troubles come they will all come on the same day and be ware for they tend to be up before you”.

It was yesterday that I realized this to be a fact.
The day began just like any other day the light piercing through the clouds you know the drill by now am sure if your reading this you have seen this happen a few times the night fades away and the day begins.
Except today I was not feeling good as I normally do in the mornings.
The bad day began with thoughts from the day before of the tax collector who had visited my restaurant reminding me about all the paper work I had to do for the tax collecting office and he was a very nice guy, in fact he was very rude.
Then as I sat by my bedside looked back then was reminded by my unmade and empty bed that I had broken up with my girlfriend three days ago.
By 7.30 I was in my office trying to finish the rude tax collectors paper work when I received a call from the restaurant letting me know that they are short staffed which meant I had to cover for the sick member of staff at lunch time.
While pondering why people miss work poor payment came to mind now I pay the people I work with handsomely but this reminded me that month was about to end and I had to pay paying them is easy when business is good. Welcome problomo number threeeeee.
Lunch time, restaurant is busy have to go to work feeling not so great but I have to work. I took 5 minutes before I stepped into the restaurant and told myself I cannot go to work feeling like an angry monk out of curiosity has anyone ever seen an angry monk, me neither but I think they are boiling inside but very come and still on the outside that was angry frustrated but cool on the outside it comes with practice .anyway after the five minutes of soul searching I managed to convince my self that I was a happy monk and everything will be ok, and as if it were a miracle I began to feel better and went to work for two hours forgetting everything that was worrying me. While working I met some amazing people we talked we laughed and I had a wonderful time working.
Which made me think maybe I shouldn’t hang myself because life does not seem to be that bad at all, but also pay attention to the way I began the day in a bad mood not so? Also watch how I prepared myself for the perfect bad day by going to sleep worrying about the rude tax collector.The fact is that the days will not change the sun will always rise and darkness shall always form to create night but we are the creators of how we feel as we live.
After lunch I managed to finish the paper work, I got a text from my girlfriend telling me that she wanted to talk and before I went to sleep that day I had not a single worry in my thoughts when I woke the next morning I felt like a happy monk and the first thing I said was I had a bad day yesterday but that was yesterday.

Now every day before I go to sleep I put my worries to one side sleep in peace and say to myself that I shall wake with no worrying thoughts and what ever trouble shall come my way I WILL solve, and I have this feeling I will no longer have bad days.
NOTE. Thoughts that we wake with will shape the rest of our day. Good days are created by us every morning and when you forget to decide how yours will begin and end your thoughts will decide for you don’t leave it chance. Now go out there and be a superstar but you must decide to be a superstar in the morning when you wake.


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